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A variety of paper tubes, cardboard tubes and paper cores from Valk Industries

Valk Industries, Inc.

Paper Tubes, Cardboard Tubes and Paper Cores

Palletized and bundled cardboard tubes from Valk Industries
Valk Industries, Inc. manufactures a variety of spiral wound paper tubes, cardboard tubes and paper cores to both standard and custom specifications.

Current paper tubing manufacturing capabilities range from 1.000” ID to 16.000” ID. Wall thickness ranges from 0.018” (1 or 2 ply) to 0.750” (24 ply). Lengths from 0.375” to 50+ feet are also available.

Specialty paper cores and cardboard tubes are also available, and they include: perforated multi-section thinwall paper tubes and notched or slit heavy wall paper cores and tubes.

An array of tube re-cutting equipment is available to provide precise length re-cut paper cores and tubes for demanding and specialized applications.

Typically, paper tubes and cores are manufactured using recycled paperboard in natural color and finish. In addition, printed logos, customized printed outer wraps or liners are available.

To meet your mailing tube and shipping tube requirements, plastic, steel, and wooden end plugs are available.

Paper cores are packaged by various methods to meet our customers' requirements. Typically, paper cores are packed in corrugated cartons, palletized, bundled, or packed into returnable steel carts which are equipped with wheels for ease of mobility. Contact us for more info on Paper Tubes.

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